Ayoub Karadsheh Origin

Ayoub Karadsheh Origin

THE KARADSHEH FAMILY history, As we know it, began early 1600 to 1650 a.d. with Our Great Grand Father Yousef married to Qarwah. Yousef had a brother Hatem and they lived in Salkhat, Hooran (Syria). Yousef and Qarwah had 4 sons they are Qaqish, Falooh, Nuweiser, and Kardosh.
1)QAQISH moved to the town of Salt(Jordan). His descendants are known by his name Qaqish family visit www.qaqish.com .

2)FALOOH remained in Hooran and his descendants are known as Falooh family.

3)NUWEISSER moved to El Husn (Jordan) his descendants are known as the Nuweiser and Ayoub families visit www.ayoubfamily.net .

4)KARDOSH moved to Karak (Jordan) about 1605 after an economic depression fell upon the Hooran area……..


The Kakish Family history book
Published 2013

Part of Chapter 2

Kakish (Qaqish) Origin

Consensus of all the sources (17 documented sources )  that I have seen state that the origin of Kakish( Qaqish) are Arabs  of Ghassani origin , Roman Orthodox  christians came to Esalt City from Salkhad Houran (south Syria) around the middle of the seventeenth century .

It is likely that the migration of Kakishs  was due to the economic conditions and as a result of natural disasters that took place in the region  in the seventeenth century , since many clans migrated in  the same period to Jordan from the same region or from other parts of the Levant..

The clans  Kakish , Kradosh , Ayoub and Fallouh are brothers sons of  (Saad son of  Hatim son of Abdullah son of Yagot son of Aws son of Ta’ee Al Ghasanaian ) .
This has  been circulating  for many generations since the migration from  Salkhad in the mid seventeenth century ( around 1650 ad) , where Kakish went to Esalt City  , Ayoub to Housen City and Kradshh to  Karak City first then Madaba City in  Jordan , while  Fallouh went to Khoub City first then setteked in Baseer City in Syria . .

Kakish Clan Brothers

The ( Nouiser )  Ayoub clan : –

Ayoub grand father Nouiser setteled in  about the middle of the seventeenth century in Al Housen City , and still many Ayoub families live there and they are big land lords in Al Housin city.

AL  Housn  was at that time a small  town .
Nouiser had 3 sons : Sulieman  ,  Barham and Abdullah , and Shlieman had two
sons :Nasser and  Ayyoub
Ayoub members were active  in the community like:

Ibrahim Ayoub, was a member of the municipal council of the city of Irbid ( Center of Ajloun county ) since its inception in 1883 until 1887
Ibrahim had a son called Salti  named after Esalt City cause he was born in Kakish House there when his mother was visiting her Kakish family in Esalt  City . Salti Pasha was known for his generosity and courage  . Moreover he was known among other  clans as ( Abu Musleh ) because people turned to him when they had despites need be resolved . He was always in contact with his cousins ​​ Fallouh clan in Horan/Syria .

Salti Ibrahim Pasha played an influential role in the social and political life in the region ( at the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century . Where he was a member of the board of  Ajloun County in 1887 and a member of the Arab/Greek  Orthodox boared 1912 was a co-founder of the Solidarity Party of Jordan  , a member of the Second Orthodox Conference held in Jaffa in 1931  , and a member of the Legislative Council for two periods : 1931 and 1937  .

Ibrahim Ayoub another important peron of Ayoub clan attended the conference which was held Ajloun Following the issuance of the Balfour Declaration in 1917 .This meeting was attended by a large number of notables clans, including Sheikh Fayez Mofleh  , lawer Ibrahim Samawi , Abdul Rahman Irshaidat and others.

Other known persons ,  HE Ibrahim Ayoub who was an officer in the Arab Army , and then minister os state for several times  and active member in the Orthodox cause in Jordan , member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Arab Orthodox .
He. Issa Ayoub ,  was minister of transport in Ministry of State Abdel Raouf Rawabdeh 2000
And the President of Aqaba Special Economic Zone in 2011 .

The Clan bulit the Ayoub house  in Amman 1990 , they opened Salti Pasha home after restoration   in 2009  . It is one of the most beautiful heritage buildings in Jordan .

“kakish Jordaian clan a piller of Esalt city” by Hani Salem Kaish” published 2013



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