The One Thing That Can Make or Break How People Feel About Your House

By Kelsey Ogletree | Jul 31, 2019 GMVozd/iStock Considering the time and energy homeowners put toward making their house look great (particularly if they’re trying to sell), many make the critical mistake of neglecting another one of our senses that can be far more powerful: smell. Even if you’ve decorated or staged your home perfectly, if potential buyers walk […]

The Weird but Totally Natural Way You Can Kill Germs in Your Home

By Stephanie Booth | Jul 25, 2019 PeopleImages/iStock; Think about this for a second: The average house collects a staggering 40 pounds of dust each year. And let’s take a moment to remember what makes up dust: Pet dander. Dead skin cells. Dust mites. Insect droppings.   The surprising answer: Open your blinds. How sunshine fights germs In a study […]